What is Rockwool Sound Insulation

Ever been bothered by the noise that comes from your neighbour’s house? Or perhaps the people in the office above you make too much noise when they work. These are just a couple of examples where sound insulation can and should be used. A wide variety of noises including reverberating or thumping noises can be isolated and reduced with the use of Rockwool sound insulation.

Discover more about what exactly Rockwool insulation is and how it can be used in a domestic or commercial space to better improve your quality of life.

What is Rockwool?

Rockwool sound insulation is a high quality and durable soundproofing material. Rockwool insulation is made from stone wool, which is a really good material used in the blocking, absorbing, and sometimes enhancing sound where required. Rockwool material is also fire resilient, water repellent and most importantly robust. It is these characteristics that makes Rockwool a really great soundproofing or sound controlling method which can be used in a variety of different ways.

As a result of Rockwool’s acoustic properties, Rockwool sound insulation products are able to enhance the acoustic performance of the area where the material has been installed. Rockwool sound insulation can be used in both new and existing buildings, its improvements to sound quality and performance is highly successful in both.


Where can Rockwool insulation be used in your building?

Whatever style of building you are looking to soundproof or insulate against noise, Rockwool sound insulation can be used in order to help.

Rockwool sound insulation can be used in order to absorb sound waves. By absorbing echoes and reverberations within the space, the internal sound field quality is improved, increasing the room’s acoustics. This means that Rockwool sound insulation would work really well in a music studio, home cinema or office room in order to boost sound quality.

Rockwool can also be used to insulate and prevent unwanted noise, and control vibrations. It is successful at reducing both airborne and  impact noise which will lead to a more peaceful undisturbed environment. Therefore, Rockwool sound insulation can be fitted to floors, ceilings and walls of flats or homes in order to minimise the transferral of noise between rooms or buildings.


Ultimately, Rockwool sound insulation boards, slabs, rolls, or panels are strong and adaptable, and they can be attached and installed on walls, floors, and ceilings. Whatever surface you choose to soundproof and insulate against noise Rockwool will work.

Having Rockwool sound insulation installed will lead to a quieter and more peaceful indoor atmosphere, reduction in noise from neighbouring properties, properties within the same dwelling, as well as minimising noise from the outside world.

At dB Soundproofing we will consult you on the best soundproofing or sound insulation method for your needs. If you have any more questions about Rockwool sound insulation, or want more information on how to soundproof your space GET A FREE QUOTE or CONTACT US today.