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Soundproofing is a term commonly used in the building industry to describe part E building regulation. Soundproofing is the attempt to control airborne and/or impact sound waves. The two main methods are to prevent the sound from dispersing and to create an obstacle so that the sound waves can’t cross over freely. There are several methods that can be used. Please feel free to navigate our site and look at some of the options on the product page.

Yes! Is the short answer. We have been in the building industry for many years and are qualified in electrics, plumbing, plastering, dry walling. The technology of soundproofing and the method of installation is part of the building industry and is installed according to strict guidelines set by the manufacturer and supplier of soundproof material.

We always try to complete every project on time. Being in the building trade for many years we know one thing, each job has its’ own surprises. Although we have experience in spotting most of the potential difficulties and estimate a time frame accordingly we don’t believe in a deadline that will force us to cut corners or rush the job to get it done. I assure you we don’t waste time, this costs money! So we do the job as quick as possible, we don’t make a habit of over shooting but we do insist on doing it right the first time.

Not a lot, but saying that we know out of experience when you least expect it things can go south. eg. removing a ceiling might expose an unexpected problem, pipework might be in the way, electrics where it should not be, joist cut to deep and left weak to fit heating pipes etc., this can result in time consuming unexpected delays. Do not be alarmed with this doom and gloom, any obstacles is seen as a challenge by our professional team of installers. Our qualified plumber and electrician is always at hand and will resolve any problem as quick and efficient as possible. This will not result in additional costs on your behalf.

Although this does not happen often, damage to your property for eg. scuffs on the wall when bringing material in, will be pointed out to you and repaired at no additional cost as if it never happened. (We are fully insured to cover any incident)

We like to put in a 8 hour work day. But the start is up to your schedule, normally around 8h30-16h30. This include breaks of an hour in between.

We will leave the job as clean and tidy as when we arrived.

You are welcome to cover and protect your belongings where you feel it necessary, but we do protect your property with carpet protectors, sheets of plastic and numerous other industrial strength protectors. We suggest you discuss any high value or sentimental objects in your home with us to ensure it is protected to your satisfaction.

From past experience we know when soundproofing is required, the relationship between neighbours can be frail. The last thing we want to do is to stress this relationship even futher.We will do the work discreet as possible with least amount of discomfort to the neighnours eg. parking, quick disposal of building rubble etc., but our obligation to our customer will remain our main objective.

This is a question I can answer with the reviews. I believe we are trustworthy and do pride ourselves on the fact that we have customers who trust us with permanent possession of their home keys. For further enquiries we will be happy to correspond their contact names and numbers for your own satisfaction.

You will be kept up to date with all the development thoughout the project. You are welcome to inspect the site at any time you feel fit, and if you are uncovertible or unsatisfied with anything you are welcome to contact us immediately and I will personally see to your request with no delay.

Yes, you will be introduced to the team leader who will be in charge of the project.

Our teams are completely self sufficient and will not need you to serve them coffee or tea at any time. They will however from time to time need the wc as and when nature calls. I will however assure you that your facilities will be kept clean and tidy at all times.

Stock will be delivered on the same day the work starts. The team will be there to receive the delivery. Arrangements will be made before, if storage is not available.

For example – if you need a radiator moved forward by 4 inches this will mean a plumber must come in and remove the radiator, adjust the pipe work (first fix). After your soundproofing is done the plumber will return and commission your radiator to work as before (second fix). This equally goes for the other trades involved in your soundproofing project, this is where experience in the building trade and qualified in-house staff benefits your project. We do it all from start to finish.

Obviously the cost varies from system to system and from size of the project. It also depends on the obstacles in the way ie 5 stories high with no access to a lift. But the rule of thumb is material included approx. £95 – £110 per square meters. This figure is by no means accurate and will most certainly be different. Please feel free to contact us at dB Soundproofing to come and visit our site and discuss your individual sound problem and give you the best price possible.

Yes it does. Building regulations are set in place to ensure soundproofing is installed and installed correctly because it does work.

When the soundproofing is done and your final base coat is applied, it will be completely invisible. You will only know that it’s there if you are told.

Sound proofing should be called sound managing. Obviously it is impossible to completely sound proof an area without creating a sound room. If you are sound proofing a wall, ceiling or floor you will compete with flanking noise and other influences ie. pipe work, trunking, down lights etc. The answer to your questions is it will most certainly improve the sound barrier between you and the noise.

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