Ceiling Soundproofing

Do you have noisy neighbours upstairs? Or is airborne and impact noise travelling through your ceiling from heavy stomping, televisions or music? At dB Soundproofing, our soundproofing experts can advise you and install professional ceiling soundproofing solutions.

Soundproof Your Existing Ceiling And Reduce Noise From Above

dB Soundproofing are specialists in soundproofing ceilings, by using soundproofing methods that will not compromise on the size of your room or by removing your existing ceilings. dB Soundproofing can help you if:

  • You are disturbed by noisy neighbours or family upstairs
  • You can hear footsteps through your ceiling
  • You can hear music, TVs or even people talking through your ceiling

Many properties are built with plasterboard, or lathe and plaster, ceilings which are fixed onto wooden ceiling joists with boards or a chipboard floor laid over the joists, thereby creating a void or cavity, which can be filled with soundproofing materials.

How Do We Soundproof Ceilings?

In order to stop airborne noise transferring through a ceiling dB Soundproofing London would look at installing sound insulation in the cavity between the ceiling and floor. This method of ceiling sound insulation is carried out on new build and converted properties to meet the current building regulations. If you are soundproofing an existing ceiling to reduce unwanted noise call dB Soundproofing London.

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Soundproofing A Ceiling By Various Ceiling Types

Independent Ceiling 4 with dB15 Soundboard

Concrete Ceiling

Enquire today about our expert concrete ceiling soundproofing solutions to reduce being disturbed by noise transfer from above. Soundproof ceilings, especially in a flat, can help you live more peacefully as a result of its sound absorption capabilities.

Independent Ceiling 2 with RW3 100mm Rockwool

Acoustic Insulation Treatment

Airborne sound can be better controlled with our ceiling acoustic insulation solutions. So if you're looking for a sound reduction or sound management solution for a music studio, acoustic insulation treatment from dB Soundproofing may be what you need - enquire today!

Ceiling Soundproofing Systems

Independent Ceiling Soundproofing

This method used to soundproof a ceiling retains your existing ceiling and the acoustic sound insulation material Rockwool combined with layers of high density plasterboard to reduce noise. This soundproof system reduces the ceiling height by approximately 170mm.

Independent Ceiling Soundproofing With DB15 Soundboards

This optional addon to the independent ceiling system provides extra soundproof padding by adding a layer of our sound insulating boards – dB15 soundboards. This will help further increase the ceiling soundproofing performance by blocking a greater amount of sound. This soundproof ceiling system will reduce the ceiling height by approximately 166mm.

Genie Clip System

In order to effectively soundproof your ceiling, a genie clip system will be installed on your existing ceiling, with acoustic Rockwool and two layers of sound insulating plasterboard fitted to create a sound barrier. Soundproof ceilings using this system reduces the height of your ceiling by approximately 83mm.

Genie Clip System With dB15 Soundboard

An optional addon for the Genie Clip Soundproof Ceiling System, swapping one of the layers of plasterboard with our dB15 soundboards to increase the effectiveness of the ceiling soundproofing system. This will reduce the ceiling height by approximately 79mm.

Isosonic Type C Hangers

Soundproofing a ceiling with Isosonic Type C Hangers is highly effect as they fix onto your existing ceilings. This enables a soundproofing system of acoustic Rockwool, acoustic planks and Soundshield Plus plasterboards to be installed. This system will reduce the ceiling height by approximately 90mm.

Isosonic Type C Hanger system with dB15 Soundboard

Enhance the Isosonic Type C Hangers ceiling soundproofing system by upgrading one of the plasterboard layers with dB Soundboards instead. Soundproofing ceilings with this system reduces your ceiling’s height by approximately 27mm.

SYSTEMSReduction in ceiling spaceAirborne ImprovementImpact Improvement
Independent Ceilingapprox 170mm23 db / 60%24 db /60-65%
Independent Ceiling & T50approx 173mm25 db / 65%24 db / 60-65%
Independent Ceiling, dB15 Soundboardapprox 166mm28 db /65-70%26 db / 60-65%
Independent Ceiling, dB15 Soundboard & T50approx 169mm30 db / 70%26 db / 60-65%
Genie Clipapprox 83mm19 db / 50-55%19 db / 50-55%
Genie Clip & T50approx 86mm22 db / 60%19 db / 50-55%
Genie Clip & dB15 Soundboardapprox 79mm24 db / 60-65%21 db / 55%
Genie Clip, dB15 Soundboard & T50approx 82mm26 db / 65%21 db / 55%
ISO Type C Hangerapprox 90mm17 db / 50-55%16 db / 50%
ISO Type C Hanger & T50approx 93mm19 db / 50-55%16 db / 50%
ISO Type C Hanger & dB15 Soundboardapprox 86mm23 db / 60%18 db / 50-55%
ISO Type C Hanger, dB15 Soundboard & T50approx 89mm25 db / 60-65%18 db / 50-55%

LB3 Bracket with Genie Clip System

This LB3 Bracket with Genie Clip System replaces your existing ceiling, using a layer of acoustic planks, Soundshield Plus plasterboard and acoustic Rockwool. This method of ceiling soundproofing will reduce your ceiling’s height by approximately 19mm.

LB3 Bracket with Genie Clip System with dB15 Soundboard

Optional upgrade to the LB3 Bracket and Genie Clip System by using sound insulating dB15 Soundboards, reducing your ceiling’s height by just 15mm.

Resilient Bar

The resilient bar method of ceiling soundproofing replaces your existing ceiling and creates an airtight sound barrier by installing acoustic Rockwool, layers of high density plasterboard, acoustic and fire rated mastic, and acoustic plasterboard. This method will reduce your ceiling’s height by approximately 31mm.

Resilient Bar with dB15 Soundboards

Optional upgrade for the Resilient Bar system, replacing one of the layers of plasterboard with our sound deadening dB15 Soundboards to further reduce noise. This soundproofing system reduces your ceiling’s height by approximately 27mm.

SYSTEMSReduction in ceiling spaceAirborne ImprovementImpact Improvement
LB3 Genie Clipapprox 19 mm19 db / 50-55%19 db / 50-55%
LB3 Genie Clip & T50approx 22 mm22 db / 55%19 db / 50-55%
LB3 Genie & dB15 Soundboardsapprox 15mm24 db / 60-65%20 db / 55%
LB3 Genie, dB15 Soundboard & T50approx 18mm26 db / 65%20 db / 55%
Resilient Barapprox 31mm14 db /40-45%13 db /40-45%
Resilient Bar & T50approx 34mm16 db /45-50%13 db / 40-45%
Resilient Bar & dB15 Soundboardapprox 27mm19 db / 50-55%15 db / 45%
Resilient Bar, dB15 Soundboard & T50approx 30mm21 db /50-55%15 db / 45%

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