Soundproofing Rooms

Are you looking to soundproof a room in your property? With a soundproof room, background noise can be controlled which will reduce sound transmission and create a peaceful oasis protected against excessive unwanted noise from outside your room. From soundproofing for bedrooms to home studios and cinemas, dB Soundproofing offers room soundproofing management solutions for all types of room.


Bedroom Soundproofing

We know that getting a good night's sleep is vital for your health. Unwanted sound coming from noisy neighbours, traffic noise, or noisy housemates can disrupt the tranquility you need in your bedroom. Soundproofing for bedrooms can help guarantee a peaceful night's sleep. Getting the existing walls, ceiling and floors of your bedroom soundproofed, will help by absorbing the sounds that are stopping you from relaxing.

Independent Ceiling 3 with Resilient Bars

Loft Soundproofing

Keep noise from travelling beyond your loft with loft ceiling, floor or wall soundproofing solutions. A soundproof loft or attic room can dampen noise coming from above, especially if your loft has been converted into a living space or you are disturbed by traffic noise or planes.


Office Soundproofing

Remove outside noise from your workspace with a room soundproof solution for your office. Block sound and increase your work productivity with our office soundproofing solutions.


Home Studio Soundproofing

Controlling the sound waves and the level of sound absorption across your music studio is crucial to getting the best out of the space. Ensure sound from your home or music studio doesn't leak out with studio soundproofing room solutions.

Resilient Bar with RW3 Rockwool (2)

Soundproof Garage

Keep sound from travelling outside your garage with our garage soundproofing. If you want to use your garage as an extra living space it may be worth getting a soundproof garage door. At dB soundproofing we can offer competitive quotes to soundproof your garage.

home cinema soundproofing

Home Cinema Soundproofing

Make your home cinema experience distraction free with noise reduction home cinema room soundproofing.

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