How Can You Use Soundproofing In Your House?

Have you ever sat down at home, all set to relax after a hard day, and your peace is suddenly shattered? Shattered by the sound of passing motorbikes, that sound like they’re about to break the world speed record, or that noisy neighbour who just never seems to stop? Whatever the reason, if you’ve had your special space invaded by noise that you’ve had enough of, there’s a good chance that home soundproofing could be the solution.


Yes, modern life may well be a little on the noisy side, but does that mean that it’s something that we need to accept in our own homes? In this article, we’re going to look at how you can get back to tranquillity, and sanity, with a soundproof house.


How do home soundproofing solutions work?

Don’t worry: we’re not about to go full-on into a science lesson here. However, to understand how home soundproofing solutions work, it’s worth having a basic understanding of why noise can become an issue in the first place.

On a basic level, all sound is the result of the energy that is produced by vibrations. Whenever this energy travels and comes into contact with things, it makes them vibrate at the same frequency and so they carry the noise. Sound waves are a little more determined than lightwaves and can easily travel through most objects. This includes your window and your walls.

Home soundproofing is all about making it harder for these waves to travel. You successfully achieve a soundproof house by ensuring that you’re putting the right obstacles in the way and reducing the amount of energy that’s travelling.


Why should I explore house noise insulation?

House noise insulation matters more than most people may think. There are numerous studies that show how noise can impact our overall health. That means that it’s important to have a soundproof house. One that keeps out the noise of cars, lorries, and blaring horns. A house that can keep out the sound of a neighbour’s late-night TV session or an all-nighter with music. Of course the day matters, but just imagine how much better your sleep would be if all of these sounds were no longer disturbing you.

Conversely, it could be that you need to look into home soundproofing solutions so that you can keep the noise in! Maybe you like to play your music loudly? Perhaps you record music or vlogs? Being a considerate kind of person, you’re not wanting to disturb your neighbours, nor do you want outside noise interfering with your recording.  


Top DIY tips to achieve a soundproof house:

If you’re keen to get on and make some changes then there are some simple home soundproofing solutions that you can explore. Some you may be able to tackle yourself, while others will need you to seek some professional assistance. Let’s take a look:

Pay attention to your walls – The slightest cracks in your walls are a great way for sound to travel into your home. Be sure to carry out an inspection and repair any holes or cracks that you come across

Explore sealing your doors – You’ve probably already heard that weathering strips can help to keep the heat in your home. What you might not have realised is that by using this on your doors, you can also reduce the amount of noise that’s coming in

Do away with hollow internal doors – These doors just don’t present enough of an obstacle to stop the energy from travelling. Solid doors will do a much better job

Take a look at your windows – By no means a cheap option, but reviewing the quality of your windows can make a major difference to soundproofing. it could be that repairs are necessary, or you may need to replace your existing windows altogether. Upgrading to triple-glazed windows can make a huge difference

Insulate your walls – There are plenty of options that you can explore here such as using neoprene rubber, viscoelastic foam, and many more. 


Home soundproofing on a budget

It could be that funds are tight, or it could be that you’re in rented accommodation and don’t have the freedom to make certain changes. If either of those are the case, the good news is that there are some simple steps that can help you get closer to house noise insulation. These include:

Use thick rugs – If you have hardwood floors, a good quality rug can make a huge difference 

Heavy curtains – You may be quite surprised at the difference a pair of curtains can make. Heavy-duty ones are great at absorbing outside noise and, if you allow them to hand, they can insulate part of your wall as well as your window 

Furniture placement – If noisy neighbours are the issue, simply having a move around may help. Placing heavier pieces of furniture next to a shared wall can certainly make a difference


Do you need professionals to achieve a soundproof house?

Home soundproofing matters. It can make an enormous difference to your quality of life and your overall health. The tips we’ve shared above are a great way to start. However, if you really want to achieve outstanding results, the best advice is to explore professional home soundproofing solutions.

A professional company, such as dB Soundproofing, is able to assess your property and let you know exactly what you need. Rather than you wasting time, and money, on solutions that you just don’t need, a professional company can devise a plan that is for your home and yours alone. The tips we’ve shared so far can be applied to any house as they’re generic. A professional plan is as unique as your home is.


If you’re tired of your peace being shattered, and you’re looking for home soundproofing that can really make a difference, take a look at what we have to offer.  We’ll even offer you a free survey so you’ll be clear on exactly how we intend to soundproof your house.