Decorating Soundproofing Panels

Acoustic wall panels are a great soundproofing solution for your home or commercial spaces as they do not require you to sacrifice much living or working space. Soundproofing insulation panels applied directly to a wall will only restrict the space in the room by 50mm.

When you think of sound insulation panels, chances are you don’t immediately think of them being stylish or fun. We may associate soundproofing panels with dull colours and functionality—the colour black and the word function are practically synonymous. However, soundproofing doesn’t have to turn your home into a giant interrogation room with no personality. With the right materials, decorating your soundproof wall panels can be both stylish and efficient!


Fabric Covered Wall Panels: 

Getting fabric covered wall panels is a really simple way to get a unique, decorative but also functional soundproofing solution. You can make your own fabric covered wall panels but make sure you choose a cloth that is acoustically transparent. Cotton fabric will perform similarly to most other acoustically transparent fabrics while also providing a wider range of colour and pattern options. Just make sure it’s not too thick – shine a light up it and see if you can see the light pass through to the other side, as sound waves must still be able to flow through the fabric a little to be absorbed by the acoustic wall panels.


Cork Boards:

You can purchase a roll of cork board sheeting and cut it to fit the acoustic wall panels or a cord board that is the same size as the panel, then glue it in place. This is an excellent decorative option for wall soundproof panels in an office environment, whether at home or at work, because you can use them to decorate and add some personal flair or add useful work notes.


Fabric Markers:

If you want to add a more personal touch to your acoustic soundproofing wall panels, then fabric markers are the answer. Fabric markers let you create a custom design just for your panels, and come in various colour options or packs. Just make sure that you don’t use acrylic paints or any other paints other than specific fabric markers — other paints have the potential to seep into the wall panel fabric, preventing the panel from absorbing sound as well.


Paintable Acoustic Panels:

You are able to get acoustic panels that are paintable. These paintable acoustic panels come with  a special paint type designed to be used specifically on acoustic wall panels. This is a great easy way to add some creative flair to your room – especially in a children’s room, classroom or living room.


Soundproofing is one of the most significant investments you can make to improve not just your sleep quality at home but also your general health and well-being in places of work or learning. So why not show off your soundproof wall panels by decorating them instead of keeping them plain and boring? In this blog post we have explored several options for decorating soundproof panels, but please don’t hesitate to seek soundproofing advice to make sure that however you plan to decorate your soundproof panels it will not stop your soundproof wall panels working the way that they should.


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