Which rooms and buildings benefit from soundproofing the most?

How soundproofing works

Soundproofing is the most effective way of reducing sound travelling between floors, walls and ceilings. With everyone being trapped at home last year, soundproofing is growing in popularity with both homeowners and employers. There are multiple ways that soundproofing can be installed in your home or your office. For more information about the types of soundproofing and how they work, check out our other blog posts, where we cover all you might want to know about acoustic treatment and soundproofing.

Rooms or buildings where soundproofing will make the greatest difference

Don’t get us wrong, there aren’t many buildings or rooms that won’t benefit from soundproofing but if you are struggling for inspiration, we have gathered a list of some rooms and buildings of note that soundproofing will make a huge difference to.

In the home

  • Home Office

Working from home has really taken off over the last year. We know that working from home brought a whole host of challenges, and we don’t claim that soundproofing can solve all of these problems (it won’t keep your toddlers from wandering into that all important business meeting or interview) but the installation of soundproofing in your home office can bring huge improvements to the quality of your working day. Noise is a huge detriment to your working productivity, and sharing a house with family and friends whilst trying to get work done can be a nightmare. Soundproofing your home office can help you reduce the amount of noise you have to listen to, but also it can improve the professionalism and quality of your work calls – you won’t have to explain that strange heavy metal music coming from your teenagers bedroom at 2pm anymore!

  • The Bedroom

Sleep is such an important part of leading a healthy life. With houses growing in number and being built closer together, sleep can be an issue that results in neighbourly disputes, and a lot of miserably tired and unmotivated individuals. Soundproofing your bedroom can help you get to sleep but cutting out the noise of the outside world, helping you get some shut eye and reducing your anxiety around going to bed.


At Work

  • Office buildings

Much like a home office, a workplace can be a surprisingly difficult place to get work done. Soundproofing can’t do anything about that annoyingly chatty and loud coworker sitting next to you, but it can block out the loud and disruptive coworker next door. Meeting rooms become tranquil zones for important discussions bolstering the professionalism of your business. The productivity of your employees is bound to rise with the addition of soundproofing.

  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals

Privacy is key in healthcare facilities, soundproofing is an efficient way to ensure that patient confidentiality and comfort is upheld. Hospitals are also very noisy environments with machines, conversations, and procedures happening 24/7. Soundproofing can make a patient feel more relaxed and comfortable in hospitals, improving both their and the health professionals’ experience of an otherwise stressful moment in people’s lives.

  • Schools and Educational Institutions

Teaching the next generation is already no mean feat, so why let that delicate learning environment get unsettled even more by external noise. Little Jimmy  throwing a tantrum next door? Minimise the disruption to your students by soundproofing your classrooms.  Soundproofing a classroom or any other teaching environment will help students focus and will help teachers effectively deliver a successful lesson. 


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