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If you decide to get a quote from us for your soundproofing, you might want to know more about the people you will be dealing with.

Your first point of call will be our office 0208 643 3345 . Our friendly staff will set up an appointment where we will meet and discuss your soundproofing needs.

We will take measurements and discuss your options. In a few days after our first meeting you will receive a quote that will not change. The price you see will be the price you pay.

There might be a variety of trades needed to complete the job for example: electrical sockets, light switch and light might need to be moved and adjusted to fit new location. You might have a radiator that needs moving, a carpet might need to be lifted. The list goes on and covers most of the building trade. This can be a difficult and troublesome experience getting individual quotes from each trade trying to co-ordinate the time line between trades, arranging first and second fixing is essential to the specific needs of the soundproofing.

Stress Free Soundproofing

Multiple trade people in and out of your home can be very stressful experience.

We at dB Soundproofing offer the service of all the trades with necessary qualification to make this a pleasant experience. We will take care of all your soundproofing needs from the start including electrical, plumbing and plastering . We will also leave your home as tidy as we found it.

We only use products complying with Part E acoustic building regulations and have the technical support of an extensive range of products. Selecting the correct acoustic solution to improve refurbish change or upgrade that will serve your demand, walls, floors and ceilings.

Once all the information has been gathered we will select a solution. A construction detailed diagram to explain the installation will be provided. This will give you the ideal opportunity to compare our prices with any of our competitors.

We however do not enter in a price war with other quotes. We believe at dB Soundproofing that by doing this we put pressure on the job which will lead to cutting corners and can only lead to unsatisfied customer with an unresolved sound management problem.

We do not object in any way if you compare our prices with other soundproofing companies in the market. By doing so we know you will have peace of mind and will be happy with what we offer.

Picking a quote should not necessarily mean choosing the cheapest on offer. We do compete very well with our competitors so please feel free to compare apples with apples.

When booking a job we will give you an estimate time frame of completion, which we will stick to as best we can. Being in the building trade for many years our experience has taught us that every job is different and every house has a surprise to offer. This might affect the time frame but not your price.

Producing a professional and well executed installation it is necessary for our staff to be well trained and educated in the demands of soundproofing.

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Unit 4-5 Lower Court
13-19 Lower Road

Phone: 0208 643 3345

Email: info@dbsoundproofing.com

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Registered in England Company Number: 9185393
VAT Registration Number is: 209156418